What is The Role of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing?

What is The Role of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing?

# Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, # Salute the COVID warriors, # Fight against corruption, etc., are some of the common posts we come across on social media. While these posts have a lot to do with social issues, social media marketing agencies are the force behind such campaigns. Garnering the attention of the audience in your favor is the business of social media marketing agency and the propensity at which the people have fallen in love with social media, business houses, social organizations, education institutions, celebrities, etc. need a successful social media marketing campaign to remain in the public eye.

Make Relevant Hashtags

A hashtag is a way to connect with your social media audience on a particular topic, post, or theme. It is a label that makes it easy for the audience to reach you and explore the content that you have posted related to a trending topic. Whether it is creating awareness about a particular brand or arousing the interest of the people on a burning issue in the market, the relevant hashtags go a long way in an effective social media marketing campaign.

Though the hashtag was introduced in 1988, it was its introduction in 2007 on Twitter that changed the entire game of using hashtags in social media marketing. Today using relevant hashtags can be one of the major reasons behind a successful social media marketing campaign.

You can make relevant hashtags by taking into account the following points:

  • Relevant and simple: A long hashtag which has difficult words or is misleading will not give the desired results. Keep it short, precise and rich in content.

  • Use trending hashtags: If you are using trending hashtags your visibility will increase and you will be able to send your message to a large audience. Your post should be informative and you can use social media automation tools for automating your posts on social media.

  • Go on multiple platforms: Hashtags help to increase your brand awareness. Thus make yourself visible on different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

  • Don’t overuse: While making a relevant hashtag make sure that you are not overusing hashtags otherwise it won’t leave a good impression on the audience.

  • Create brand engagement: Your hashtag should make people connect with you. Thus use your language and content very carefully to create a positive brand image.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of trending hashtags?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of trending hashtags

Every side has two coins and this holds valid in the case of hashtags too. Thus the advantages of hashtags can be highlighted as:

  • Helps to organize your thoughts and be a part of the ongoing discussions on various platforms. Tracking the performance for promotion across different platforms is easy by using hashtags.

  • Hashtags help in enhancing your brand awareness by engaging with clients with rich and qualitative content. Creating your brand hashtag is a unique way of branding that will help people to identify with your business. It has been seen that unique and relevant hashtags have helped in superb client engagement on social media.

  • Using hashtags helps in communicating the message easily which can be comprehended without misinterpretation. Keep it precise and clear and people will instantly relate with it.

  • With the help of hashtags, you can gauge what your audience is interested in or what is the driving force behind influencing the customers. Inspiring hashtags are at times an outcome of the public reaction to a particular statement.

  • Hashtags help the users to sort the topics which can be revisited later.

Some of the disadvantages of using hashtags are:
  • You have to be very careful in choosing what you write. Anything wrong can put you in serious trouble. Make sure you don’t write anything insensitive which can hurt the sentiments of any community thus putting you in a soup because hashtags make content clear and mistakes are easy to find.

  • Putting a barricade on how people use your hashtags is not possible. Thus be smart and vigilant when you use a hashtag for social media marketing.

  • Excessive use of hashtags might get interpreted as a scam which will result in an adverse reaction.

  • When using hashtags you should avoid making bold statements or else you will become a victim of trolls.

How to use hashtags in multiple social media marketing channels?
How to use hashtags in multiple social media marketing channels

Let’s have a look at how relevant hashtags can make a difference on different platforms:

  • Twitter: Since it was the platform from which hashtag gained relevance, tweets and retweets are a remarkable tool for social media engagement. Twitonomy is a good tool for researching Twitter trends.

  • Facebook: There is a specific URL for every hashtag on Facebook which enables the business to connect with the target audience. Make sure you are not overusing hashtags on Facebook because it will look unprofessional and may annoy your audience.

  • Instagram: Discovering photos on Instagram via hashtags is a very simple and easy task. Influencing the target audience by this method is an excellent way of a good social media marketing campaign. You can use 10-11 hashtags for a better reach and engagement.

  • Pinterest: This social media platform has used relevant hashtags to communicate with the right audience on a particular topic.

  • LinkedIn: Hashtags can be used in the content that you post. Do not overdo the usage of hashtags on LinkedIn.

Making relevant hashtags can enhance your engagement with the clients and help boost your brand awareness.

What are the golden rules of framing a good hashtag strategy?

While framing hashtags, you must remember the following golden rules for your social media marketing campaign:

  • Search before you use: You must do extensive research on what is trending in the market. For instance, #love, #nature, #picof the day, #food, #travellerguide, etc are some of the trending hashtags which will automatically catch the attention of the audience. Depending on the industry you are in and what your target audience is, carefully choose a trending hashtag for your marketing campaign.

  • Less is more for hashtags: While hashtags are a superb tool of a successful social media marketing campaign, excessive use of hashtags can turn the tables. Your strategy should be to connect with the audience by using short, crisp, and clear content.

  • Unique and specific: Hashtags should never be misleading. Open-ended statements must be avoided, and any content which can land you in a technical mess should be skipped. You must come up with a unique and specific hashtag for better social media engagement.

  • Brand engagement is the target: Ultimately, the sole objective of using hashtags is to enhance brand engagement and make your presence felt. The smarter your strategy is, the better will be the impact and results.

Attracting customers to build a Brand Creation image is the ultimate target of using hashtags in social media marketing. Ensure that you get in touch with the professionals to get the right strategy framed for different platforms lest you should end up being at a loss. Make the most of the trending hashtags by understanding the dynamics of this powerful toll and give your business the much-needed edge.

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