India's First and Only SPF Focused Brand Sunscoop SPF started with the simple mission to educate everyone about the importance of wearing sunscreen daily.

With 3 main SKU’s Invisible, Matte & Fluid Sunscreen, Sunscoop SPF ensured that only the right ingredients backed by constant research and safety profile were used in their products. They promise to protect your skin against the sun's wrath, (and gadgets-emitted blue light) while tackling common skin woes.


Sunscoop SPF, India’s first exclusive SPF brand, approached us with a simple problem, to position their brand as India’s go to brand for all things SPF. With numerous well established Sunscreen products available in the market, our task was to increase brand awareness, create customer loyalty and devise a strategy that would position the brand to be synonymous with sunscreen. When one thinks of sun damage, Sunscoop SPF should be all they could think of.


In view of the task ahead of us, we decided to divide our target
audience and devise successful strategies for each.

Top Funnel– To increase brand awareness and introduce the brand, we focused on creating ads that introduced the products and brand values. For each of the SKU’s, we developed online video content that were well defined and based on informing the consumers about the ingredients, textures, and benefits of the Invisible, Matte & Fluid sunscreens.

Middle Funnel– In order to initiate purchases and build trust our focal point was the usage and differential properties of the products. Hence our strategy was to create advertisements that comprised User Generated Content, Result oriented content & consumer testimonials. This helped in increasing transparency and convincing consumers to try the products.

Bottom Funnel– Our strategy for this division of the target audience was centralised on customer retention and customer loyalty. Our advertisements included sale offers and product bundles. In this case, our strategy was to make the customers believe that the brand was focused on delivering them the best products and services at the same time.


Through our strategy & creative implementation we achieved:

1 M+

Impressions in a month

1 %

Clickthrough Rate