The Web Chat Company

The Web Chat Company

The Web Chat Company, your conversational agent, provides a fully manned web chat service to its clients thataims to generate leads for their businesses, captures prospective information and handles their website visitor enquires in real-time, 24/7.


Following the successful development of its own software, the company needed to create an e-commerce sales channel where it offerers its service and software as a digital download on an entirely global scale. Traffic needed to be driven to a new website that featured and promoted and online order form and a bespoke integrated sales order process to a large and saturated marketplace.

The Web Chat Company
The Web Chat Company


Using our soon to be patented, AlgoD methodology, an in depth analysis of competitors and the market was done first by our veteran team. Following this, strategies were drawn out highlighting scalable growth with as little human touch as possible to fulfil customer orders. The functionality of the service needed to be combined with a user friendly website that could be fully optimised to integrate with a more comprehensive digital marketing campaign that was run over a period of 3 months.

The Web Chat Company


The new product specific (Reception Chat) website supported by a multi channel product and brand awareness campaign that integrated social media , e-mail marketing, influencer blog placement and a soon to be launched YouTube channel generated a 300% increase in traffic to the website.

The design, simplicity and technological excellence of the online order form is attributed with the success of the 30% increase in completed orders and 80% reduction in order form abandonment.

Using ALGORITHM’S carefully curated social media management strategies, the Web Chat Company tripled its engagements.



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