Berkowits, a hair and skincare solution clinic have a loyal customer base due to their presence in the market over decades. The design and social media strategy for the online reputation of Berkowits is what the brand was looking for, havinga minimal, humorous, young and direct approach. With the onset of the dynamic team at Algorrithm, we have managed to revamp theirsocial media communication byan increase in social media handlers, thus, making a considerable increase in sales,hence, creating a more sophisticated reputation of the brand.

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The Problem:Social growth and increase in sales were the paramount objectives that the brand was looking for. This was the problem and hence we gave them the solution.

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Berkowits approached us with the mandate of improving their social growth and increase in sales. Being known for creating and adding beauty through scientifically supported services and products. Our mandate was to ensure that the brand did not lose recognition at the helm of social media.

The Solution:It was the time to get things going.

berkowits algorrithm

We focused on highlighting their expertise when it comes to hair and skin care products and treatments. With the onset of environmental pollution and hazards associated with it, skincare for every individual is a must. Berkowits, known for an array of products and treatments, inspired us to highlight those while designing creatives for social media platforms.

Our communication took on a new level of significance, with a greater focus on the social media presence of the brand and also accompanying an increase in sales. Our robust social media promotion and designs created a new door to share updates to the masses on what the skincare brand is known for. Through the use of social media creatives, we increased the brand’s social media handles by 120% across all platforms, and therefore also achieved a 6X return on ad spend.


Record increase in performance


increase across digital metrics


return on ad spend

With such a successful social media campaign Berkowits finally managed to boost its digital presence in the social media domain. With the help of creative designs, the brand not only withstood the increasing competition but also showed 6X return on ad spend and showcased 120% social media handlers. Having this responsive strategy, Berkowits now has considerable growth across social platforms.
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