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The model for selling clothes has been static for a long time; design, produce, sell, repeat. Notice what’s the problem? It’s all offline. By 2020, everything had changed. It was time to enhance the online experience.
This is how we improved a tried and tested model, identifying improvements that led to an average return of 8X and an increase in customer loyalty by 35%, leading to improved brand visibility and performance

Services: Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, ORM, Digital Creative.

The Problem:With E-commerce becoming the preferred method of purchase due to necessity,how does a brand ensure that it can stand out of the crowd and grow?

Femella approached us with a simple problem, how can we make them stand out of the crowd? With new brands popping up and competition increasing exponentially our task was to devise a strategy that would increase the customer loyalty, social interactions and improve the sales.

The Solution:As the sheer scope of the problem ahead of us came into our view, we decided to keep our approach simple. We divided our strategy into three parts, targeting the top, middle and bottom of the funnel to ensure that we maximised the reach and increased the return on a limited budget.

1.Improve response time and increase trust in the brand: The first part of our strategy was targeted to our existing client base through new revised offers and using them as our brand ambassadors. We increased our customer interaction rate by 45% and decreased the response time to just 9 minutes to ensure that the customers felt valued and trusted the brand more. This had two knock-on effects, one was in directly increasing brand loyalty, but also increasing the word-of-mouth reach.
2. Innovative discounts: To improve brand loyalty further and also to increase sales we strategised and introduced innovative discount strategies that catered directly to the bottom funnel customers. We introduced major discounts right before the discounts offered by large e-tailers to capitalise on their marketing efforts.
3. Loyalty discounts: To increase the brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases we introduced loyalty discounts for customers who shopped with the brand. Further, loyal clients were also given a chance to feature as brand representatives on our social media pages, all of these activities led to a direct growth in sales, brand reach and brand loyalty.


Through our innovative strategies we achieved


increase increase in brand loyalty


Average Return on Ad Spend


increase in customer satisfaction

Through our three step strategy, we created a brand that not only withstood the increasing competition, but grew inspite of it. Managing an average 12X return and a monthly revenue increase of 25% we ensured that Femella captured the market and could stand against the largest competitor in its own stead. In Femella, we created a brand who not only the customers adored but, who’s strategies now are being replicated by brands around the country.
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