Work-out at Home!
Working out for the longest time has remained the same. You buy an expensive gym membership and you vow to yourself that this time you’ll do it. However, it usually always goes the same way; you either don’t use it as often or your health just gets lost in the fray.
This is how we convinced couch-potatoes and gymaholics alike into working out at home and in the process created India’s first real tech based wellness brand!

Services: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Design, Communications, PR

The Problem:With the country in the midst of a pandemic and movement severely restricted, we were approached by Flexnest to help launch and grow a workout-at-home brand from scratch.

Our mandate was to launch the brand, introduce the product and create a ready stream of firstmovers who would be willing to buy into the workout at home philosophy.

The Solution:With Flexnest we had the advantage of a clean slate to create a way forward for an innovative brand that was looking to disrupt the norm. To introduce the brand, we broke the strategy down into the ‘Launch Phase’, “Knowledge Phase’, and “Growth Phase’.

1.Launch Phase: We launched the brand in the first week of January with the aim of having people make us a part of their New Year Resolutions for getting fitter and healthier. Flexnest launched with a big-bang we started with sensitising the customer and potential customers about the brand and its products through social media and OTT platforms using advertisements with both static and video creatives. The Launch Phase consisted of building a group of First-Movers on our social platforms that we could then use as brand reps to increase the word-of-mouth association and create a test audience for our advertisements.
2. Knowledge Phase: After building our audience of first-movers, the next step was to educate the audience about the products and their benefits. The knowledge phase aimed at building the brand as not only your workout partner but as a thought leader in the industry. We started with first listing out the products, second their benefits and third their versatility and use. This exercise was a success in building our Instagram audience, in 5 months, the social platforms grew on an average by 350% with a proportionate increase in our customer base.
3. Growth Phase: The final phase that continues today is the Growth Phase. The growth phase is where we really pushed the brand into the conversion and performance marketing territory. We utilised our large audience of first-movers and brand advocates to increase the sales and continue doing so today. While our advocates still stay strong, we’ve also grown our audience beyond.


Record increase in performance


Month on Month increase in social handles


return from ad spend


average customer satisfaction score

At a time of huge uncertainty, we not only increased the brand’s digital presence but also improved the metrics that matter!
After a successful initial ‘re-discovery’ campaign for DoubleTree by Hilton, we undertook campaigns to increase their digital performance that improved their performance by 150% across all relevant metrics and ensured that even during the pandemic, the brand’s overall performance and profits still grew! A responsive strategy implemented across ensured that their was a growth across social platforms.